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Electronic Locks & Access Control

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KABA Simplex

mechanical pushbutton locks offer a convenient way to control access between public and private areas. There are no keys or cards to manage, no computers to program, no batteries to replace, and combinations can be changed in seconds without removing the lock from the door.

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KABA 4000 Series

4000 Series locks quickly replace any traditional key operated door lock, providing code access and eliminating the need for keys, cards, and computers. Locks are easily programmed at the door. Each user or group of users is assigned a 3 to 6 digit code that provides secure access to all rooms they are authorized to enter.

Locksmith Manhattan NYC

KABA Powerlever

Self-powered electronic locks control and track access by individual user. They are easy to maintain because they are the only locks in the industry that require no battery replacement Palma or SmartKey technology allows for easy programming and audit retrieval. These smart, durable, maintenance-free locks are perfect for any access point where audit capabi

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KABA Solitaire System

Solitaire electronic locks provide magnetic card-based security for restricted access points. Scheduling features let you restrict access during specific time periods, holidays or vacations. Simple and secure, Solitaire locks are a perfect solution for stand-alone applications or supplemental security in a facility-wide system.

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KABA Product Overview

The Simplex and E-Plex 5000 Series is the complete toolkit for all your access control needs. Built on five decades of reliable and convenient keyless entry, this Series provides everything from the simplicity of mechanical single code access to the added security and features of electronic access control.

Locksmith Manhattan NYC

Exit Device Operator

Please your guests by providing easier access to remote parts of the hotel. Equip back doors to parking lots or stairwell doors to other floors with exit devices and exit device operators. They will allow your guests easy access within your property with the same keycard they use for their hotel room. Guests will be impressed with your consideration.

Licensed Locksmith Queens NY

Generation E-760

Simple, secure and offering the best market value in its class - The Generation E-760 stand-alone lock is designed to meet the challenging and diverse needs of the hotel industry. The reliable and robust design of the lock is paired with magnetic strip keycard reader technology and an emergency key override feature with full audit accountability to provide

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