Weather Resistant Color Others
This unobtrusive camera is great for indoor and outdoor use. With 330 lines of resolution you'll get a great view wherever you place it. The built-in mount and quick to change focus makes this ideal for areas needing overlapping camera coverage
330 Lines Resolution, 3.6 mm Lens.
High Resolution Color Others
When detail and clarity is absolutely necessary for an indoor location you can't go wrong with this camera. This high-resolution color camera provides 480 Lines of resolution combined with a powerful 410,000 pixel-imaging chip. The camera is magnetically shielded making it ideal for positioning in areas with machinery or electronics nearby. - 480 Lines Resol
Waterproof, Black and White, Infrare
Waterproof, Black and White, Infrared

This black and white weatherproof security camera is 100% waterproof up to 90 feet. It features a 3.6mm fixed focus lens and built-in electronic iris. It is encased in black brass housing. It has built-in infrared LEDs. A mounting bracket and 12V DC power supply is included. 100% Waterproof, 420 Lines Resolution, Built-in Infrared LEDs.
Day/Night with Built-in Infrared Oth
Vandal resistant, weather tight and able to see up to 40 feet in complete darkness. This camera is flexible for just about any situation. It�s excellent for areas where lights are turned completely off at night or in dark storage areas. It automatically switches from color to black and white when light levels drop to maintain superior optical clarity. 380
Small Form Factor Flush Mount, Black
This unobtrusive camera is easily mounted in any tight area. Only the dome is exposed being 1' high and 3' wide. The camera is vandal resistant and contains a pinhole lens. 420 Lines Resolution, 3.7mm Lens, Aluminum Housin.
Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ)- Day & Night O
This camera is equipped with a 25X optical zoom lens, Sony digital chip and retractable IR filter. It automatically switches from high-resolution color to black and white when light drops down to shadowy levels. The lens rotates a full 360 degrees and has 128 preset viewing positions.
Vandal Resistant, Low Light
This small lightweight camera is impact resistant. It comes with a built-in IR LED that provides light in dark areas. This camera is perfect for low traffic public areas that have variable or low light levels. A built in 4-9mm variable focus lens gives it great flexibility. Vandalism Resistant, Built-in IR LED, 470 Lines Resolution
Built-in Infrared Others
This compact camera has multiple IR LEDs that turn dark areas into illuminated areas. The LED light emitted isn't noticeable to those passing by. The camera automatically switches from color to black and white to enhance low light viewing. / Built-in LED / 470 Lines Resolution / 4-9mm with Auto Iris.
Small Size dome
This state of the art security camera can fit just about anywhere. At only 10 cm it's the smallest dome camera we sell. The shield stops people from changing the focus of the camera and obscures where it is pointed. Tiny Size, 380 Lines Resolution, Built-in Lens.
Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Black and Whit
Fast and accurate with exceptional optical zoom capabilities, this indoor PTZ camera offers exceptional surveillance capabilities. Its dark shroud prevents onlookers from knowing what you're looking at. Comes as either color or black and white capabilities. Shadow tour allows a preprogrammed motion of the camera. - 470 Lines Resolution Color - 500 Lines Res
Wall Clock, Color Camera Others
Displays Accurate Time and Captures Great ImageThis stylish wall mounted clock contains accurate quartz movement and contains a high quality hidden camera. A wide angel lens provides video of an entire room. - 330 Lines Resolution - 3.6mm Wide Angel Lens.
Day/Night Others
Great for Changing Light Conditions
This ultra compact camera automatically switches from color to black and white in low light conditions. This is a favorite for placing above infrequently used locations.330 Lines Resolution Color Mode, 400 Lines Resolution Black and White Mode, 3.6mm Lens
Day & Night Others
Day/night cameras perform as color cameras in bright light conditions and automatically switch to black and white in low light. Black and white cameras give better resolution in low light. This day/night digital camera features an advanced digital process circuit design. It delivers high-resolution superior color images in bright light and sharp monochrome p
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